To engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement.

Unit Pathway

The document below shows a planned teaching sequence that a unit of Music lessons may follow in order to promote the sequential and progressive development of knowledge which can be securely demonstrated by our pupils.

Lesson Pathway

The document below identifies the key elements which we believe are important to incorporate into our Music lessons in order for them to build on previously taught knowledge and also to deepen and secure key concepts.


Our Progressive Music Curriculum

Our Early Years Children are taught music through their Development Matters Curriculum.

To ensure children, from Year 1 to Year 4, are taught and remember the appropriate knowledge and skills  relating to Music we have created a whole school progressive breakdown of the national curriculum expectations, this draws on the skills and knowledge being taught across all subject areas and hopes to contribute to the development of key concepts and themes in a deep and connected way.

Subject Specific Vocabulary

Our Music curriculum will ensure all children are not only taught subject specific vocabulary but also provide opportunities for them to use such language within the correct context with confidence and fluency.


Age Year Group Progression

To ensure the highest emphasis is placed on both the teaching and the learning of new knowledge and skills we have also clarified when it will take place within our topics and the subject specific gains our children will make in terms of what they will know and be able to do.