Busy Bees

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Teacher: Miss Mountford

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Swift / Mrs Court

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Birk

If you wish to speak to Miss Mountford please use our 'Drop In' sessions, which are on
Thursdays at 3:30pm-4:30pm


Creative Caterpillars

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Teacher: Miss Massey

Teaching Assistants: Miss Lunn

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Oosthuizen

If you wish to speak to Miss Massey please use our 'Drop In' sessions, which are on
Thursdays at 3:30pm-4:30pm

Upcoming events

Early Years Easter Bonnet Parade

On Friday 22nd March at 9.15am

Reception News

National Science Week 2024

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Reception children will come come today (13.03.24) with a sunflower seed! We have been learning all about the parts of the plant and what they need to grow. We would love for them to observe what happens to this seed as they plant it and care for it. If you wish to share any photos of this, please upload to EvidenceMe.

Important Information about the EYFS Curriculum

ELG for parents

From our long term progression document above we break the year down into smaller steps and link them directly to themes and core texts. Our curriculum was designed by Early Years staff, curriculum leaders and the Year 1 team to ensure a fluid transition between the Early Years and Year 1.

Staff refine and reflect upon Medium term plans frequently and will make changes to the documents as required. Please see our Curriculum webpage for Receptions' coverage documentation.


Communication Overview 

Please see our Welcome to Reception presentation below.

Welcome to Reception PPT 2023

Curriculum Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent Curriculum Workshop. It was so lovely seeing the children talk so confidently about their learning journey so far! If you did not manage please find the PowerPoint link listed below, if you have any questions please use your child's class teachers drop in session to find out more.



School Uniform and Swimming Kits


The following website has some resources to help you support your child with phonics at home.

We also recommend any of the BBC Alphablocks resources. This term we are learning to read and write words using ai, ee, igh, oa, oo (food), oo (good), ar, or, ur, oa, oi, air, ear and er.


This term reception are learning to make and compare numbers to 5. The children will learn all of the different ways of composing numbers. For example, 3 and 2 make 5. You can practise this at home by playing games.

  • Show the child an amount of objects (up to 5) before hiding some. Then ask the child to say how many are hiding.
  • Show the child an amount of objects and ask them to count them. Ask them how many more they will need to make an amount (up to 5).