Year 3


We are made up of Class 6 and Class 7.

Welcome to Year 3 meeting

Please use the link above to see the relevant information that we shared at our ‘Welcome to’ meeting in the summer.

Welcome to Year 3 Information Booklets

Class 6

New welcome to Y3 class 6

Class 7

New welcome to Y3 class 7

Year 3 Spring Curriculum Map

Spring Curriculum Map 2022-23



PE – Class 7’s PE day is Tuesday. Class 6’s PE day is Tuesday.

Please wear your PE kit all day and remove earrings before school.

Swimming- Our swimming day is Thursday. Please wear your school uniform, bring your swimming kit into school and remove earrings before school.

Forest school- 

Drop is session- Our drop is session is every Wednesday until 4pm.



Y3 Homework Spring 2


If you have any questions or queries please use the following emails.

Class 6- Mrs Beckett

Class 7- Mrs Minton