Year 1

Snow Day Activities

Enjoying a Snow Day (or two) | WowScience - Science games and activities  for kids


Use the link below to watch our text The Smeds and the Smoos:

Pretend that you are a Smed or a Smoo, you have just arrived on a new planet (covered in snow!) Can you write sentences to describe it?

The Smeds and the Smoos: Donaldson, Julia, Scheffler, Axel:  9781407196657: Books


Can you use the snow to build 3D shapes? Can you name the shapes?

Can you draw 2D shapes in the snow? Can you name the shapes? How many sides, how many corners?

Shape Poster featuring the photograph Geometric Shapes by Science Photo Library2D Foam Geometric Shapes 10pcs  large


Access your Ed Shed accounts to practise your spellings. Can you use the words in a sentence?


Access your Collins Ebook to show your grown up your fabulous reading!


Use this week's home learning sheet to read the graphemes, tricky words and sentences.

Whole School Challenges!

Whole School Reading Challenge

Take a 'Caught Reading' photo, in the most creative way. Tag us with your photos on Twitter @KnypersleyFirst

2,199 Book Snow Winter Reading Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images  - iStock

Whole School Snowman Competition

Who can build the most creative snowman? Share your photos with us on Twitter, tagging @KnypersleyFirst

35 Real Snowman Ideas for Creative and Awesome Christmas Time

Could you build Bill and Janet?

We hope you have fun with these activities Year 1, wrap up warm and enjoy!

The Year One Team 🙂


We are made up of Class 2 and Class 3.

Please use the link above to see the relevant information that we shared at our 'Welcome to' meeting in the summer.


Please read our 'Welcome to' booklets to discover lots of useful information about Year One:

Y1 Class 2 22-23 Information Booklet
Y1 Class 3 22-23 Information Booklet


Year 1 come in to school through the bottom door at 8.45am and leave via the swimming pool door at 3.15pm

Our Curriculum

Spring Curriculum Map - Year 1
Year 1 Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

Please read the letter below for more information about reading in Year 1

Little Wandle Letter to Parents





Please remember to read with your child at least three times a week and record this in their red home/ school links book.

We will change sharing books and library books on a Friday.

E Books will be allocated on Wednesdays.

Our Reading Ranch parent lending library is open to Year 1 after school on Fridays.


Collins eBooks_Big Cat Parent Guide

Writing' Classroom Banner / Display Heading - Primary Treasure Chest


We use the following charts to help us when we are writing. We look at them before we write and then use them to check our work after we finish, to make sure we don't miss any out. We call them our writing non-negotiables. Can your child remember them all?


non negotiables UPDATED



Please read the letter below for more information about spelling in Year 1


Phonics – Avanti House Primary School




Pronunciation_guide_Autumn_1 (1)


Pronunciation_guide_Autumn_2-1 (1)







Year 1 will complete The Phonics Screening Check in the Summer term.  It is an assessment to check a child’s ability to read words using phonics rules.


Here are some activities you could have a go at with your child:


Why not have a go at identifying the real and nonsense words in these reading activities:


Please click the link below to find out more information about the phonics screening check.






Our swimming session for Year 1 is on a Monday, both classes now swim every week.

Please remember to send your child with their swimming kits and remove their earrings before school.

The children will wear their school uniform on swimming days.

PE is on Friday, please wear your PE kit all day and remove earrings before school.

Y1 forest school letter 2023.docx
Toy Museum Letter
Local Walk Letter



Here is our homework menu for this term...


Y1 Homework Spring 1 2023



Here you can find lots of games and webpages which are great fun and will reinforce your child's learning in an exciting way. It will also support our homework and give you a little time to sit down and enjoy at rest!!



Class 2-Mrs Sigley


Class 3-Mrs Egerton


Alternatively our drop in session is Monday until 4pm.