Class 6

In Class 6 we have 5 topics over the six half terms; Ug!, ROLL UP! ROLL UP!, Ratatouille, Ay Up Duck and Tumbleweed.


For our first topic of the year we focus on the Stone Age. We work on lots of lovely activities, here are just a few of them.

Ug Gallery

Walk like a cave man! Dance like a cave man!


For our second topic we will be taking a trip into the unknown as we look at the circus. We will study the works of Pablo Picasso, undertake feats of danger and mystery and read the fantastic book 'Leon and the Place Between'.

Check out our amazing circus work!

Circusology Day Gallery


Our third topic takes us all the way to France as we look at France and French culture. We make our own Ratatouille and work on some amazing, new art techniques.

It was also our turn for Forest School. We managed to get very muddy and had lots of fun with our parents.

Pointillism Gallery

Forest School

Faith in Focus

At the end of the first Spring half term we had our Faith in Focus week where we learned all about Islam. We learned lots and made some fantastic art. Most of all though, we had a great time doing it.



Ay Up Duck!

Ever wondered about our local area? Well you're in luck because out fourth topic takes us to the past and back again learning about the history of the Potteries. We learn all about important and famous people from the local area, get our hands dirty making and painting some pottery and go on an amazing trip.

More pictures to come.




Our final topic takes us all the way to the Frontier! We look at how the Native Americans and cowboys lived and create wonderful DT and art projects.

Get excited ready for our Wild West day, it's a hoot!